Sales Contract and Payment

If you are planning a trip to come up here and visit our ranch, you may want to visit the Travel Manitoba website at:                                                                                 It has lots of great information about places to visit, camping, fishing, accomodations, and festivities/celebrations. This way, you can make a holiday out of your trip. We are located one hour's drive from Brandon, which is a relatively small city. Winnipeg and Regina are both 3 hours away. Minot is the closest American city, it being 2 hours away. If you're looking for the best route to go, ask us or try                                                                    If you are interested in the weather up here and the road conditions, please visit the Weather Network at 

Weaning and Microchipping

How to Purchase a Foal

Pickup and Delivery

Arrangements can be made to deliver your foal(s) to your home. We are planning on delivering to a drop off point in the US, again this year. Once we know where buyers are located we will select a route with one or more drop off points.

We like to be able to deliver the horses to your door. If this isn't possible, we know of many good horse transportation companies that can set you up with delivering your new foals. We use the services offered by Keyhole Ranch frequently.

This page has all the information you will need on reserving your foal, our weaning process, microchipping, email subscription and updates, discounts and pricing, sale contracts and payment, pick up and delivery, crossing the border, subsidizing, travelling to Manitoba, and more. Take a good read through.

We offer very competitive and affordable prices on our foals. There is a basic price range, depending on the breed. Our spotted drafts tend to be a bit higher as they are in high demand and are really splashy. We do not price the foals on the website simply because we prefer to deal directly with the buyer. We are very willing to negotiate. Discounts can be arranged if buying in quantities.

Click here to see a sample contract.

Foals are weaned as of September 1st. We like to keep them for a couple of weeks to get them on dry feed. They are fed hay and a specially formulated grain ration. After that, your foal will be available for pick-up or delivery. Weaned foals can be halterbroke and able to lead if preferred by the customer. Inquire about pricing.

Travelling to Visit Our Ranch


A contract helps us define the terms of the sale and the buyer/seller responsibilities. We prefer to set up a contract with each horse we sell. As payment, we accept bank drafts, cheques, and money orders. We have an American account specifically for tranfers also. We've tried to make it as easy as possible. When booking a foal in advance, we generally require a down payment. Prices are in Canadian funds. Please add 5% GST for all Canadian residents.

We would like to accommodate our customers and make payment as easy as possible. We offer VISA and Mastercard for your convenience. We can handle this over the phone.

It's easy!
Send an email telling me which foal(s) you are interested in ( ). Ask us any questions you may have. We love hearing from people, and helping you find just the right foal. We have a wide variety of sizes and colours to chose from. We welcome all sales, throughout the year. It is encouraged that all interested buyers come visit the foals along with the stallion and mare in the pasture. Traditionally, we tend to keep a selection of the offspring for our breeding program. We encourage all our customers to reserve the foals they desire as soon as possible.  This way, you are guaranteed to get what you want. You can reserve a foal by giving us a call or email, stating your interest and we can work out the details.

Sales and Other Info

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